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Vegan Chinese Food : Lots of Options You Can Order Out or Make Yourself

Vegan chinese food : lots of options you can order out or make yourself:

Nothing is as easy as ordering Chinese food from the comforts of your living room. However, as a vegan, it may be hard to find out which options are vegan or not. So Is chinese food vegan? And if so, which options are?

is chinese food vegan?

This can be a pretty complicated question to answer. While some Chinese products are vegan, other products that may seem vegan may not be. Many Chinese products contain fish products in them, despite otherwise being vegan. However, when it comes to the mainstay products, they seem to be vegan.
Chow mien noodles, for example, are usually vegan. In most Chinese restaurants they make these noodles with mainly just flour and water. However, they could be made with eggs, or dishes that are made with them can have added meat ingredients. Ingredients used would be chicken broth or a fish sauce, so it is always best to ask.
Another options that many are curious about is Chinese curry sauce. Now this is a complicated ingredient mainly due to the fact that it is sometimes vegan. While it is generally vegan if bought from many Chinese restaurants, it can easily be made with chicken broth or oyster sauce. The best way to make sure that the product is fully vegan is to ask.


Vegan Chinese food options

When going out to eat at a Teppanyaki, or when ordering Chinese to your door, what are some great Chinese food options? Well, many Chinese places have options to switch out the meat with tofu. For instance, you can have Tofu and Broccoli usually served over rice. Many places even have spring rolls that are completely devoid of animal products.
Whether it is tofu chow mein, or vegetable fried rice without eggs, there are plenty of options to choose from, like :

 Vegetable tofu lettuce wrap
 Imperial vegetable soup
 Deep fried bean curd with seaweed
 Kung pao vegetables with peanut sauce
 Eggplant with stir-fried green beans or okra curry
 Shanghai style stir-fried vegetables
 Manchurian vegetable chow mein
 Singapore style curry rice noodles
 Vegetable or Tofu hot and sour soup
 Steamed tofu in a lotus leaf
 Shanghai chow mein with vegetables
 Sweet red bean soup
 Basil Moo Shu Rolls
 Kun Pao Eggplant…

What are some good recipes to try out?

Regardless of what you are looking for, there is a vegan way to make it. So there are many wonderful tasting Chinese dishes that you can make from the comfort of your own home. For instance:

• Chinese vegetable fried rice:

Chinese vegetable fried rice

• Vegetable and tofu chow mien:


Another thing that is interesting to note, is that there are some prepacked Ramen that is vegan as well. The Chili flavored Top Ramen flavor that you can find in most grocery stores is vegan. Also, with soy sauce, teriyaki sauce, and most other sauces being vegan, you can have plenty of good meals. These can easily be bought at the grocery store for a small price.

One of my best restaurants I’ve visited is Gardenfresh, their dishes are 100%  vegan and tasty, they contain no animal products.

Eating Chinese food as a vegan does not have to be complicated. With many vegan options that you can either order out or make yourself, the possibilities are endless. So lay down, relax, and have a delicious bowl of vegan tofu chow mien!

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