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Vegan Chicken : What Is It Made Of? Is It Healthy?

What is Vegan Chicken?

“No way!” I can hear you crying from the other side of the computer screen, “Vegans can’t eat chicken!” and you would be right. However, we are not talking about typical chicken made from fowl, we are instead talking about the various types of chicken-less chicken substitutes that are on the market today.

Various questions surround the sale and consumption of these products. Many want to know if they are healthy, or even what they are made of. The answer are often simple, and very scrumptious!

What is Vegan Chicken Made of?

Vegan chick’n can be made out of a variety of materials, but is often made out of plant proteins. The most common are proteins from soy or gluten, but other proteins have been used as well. For instance, the Beyond Meat meat products focus on using pea protein as their base for their chicken products.

Most of these products use a combination of soy and gluten in order to get better textures in their products.

Some great examples of delicious vegan chicken products are Gardein 7 grain tenders, Boca chik patties, and the aforementioned Beyond Meat chicken strips.

Is it healthy?

While there are much healthier sources for protein out there, namely beans and legumes, there is nothing wrong with getting your protein from vegan chicken. In fact, meat replacements like Gardein and the like are highly recommended, especially when you are first starting out.

They are generally low in calories, and have a high amount of delicious vegan protein. This can help you to stay full and satisfied for much longer. They might not have a lot of fiber, since they are indeed a processed food. However, you will be getting plenty of fiber from other whole plant foods, so on a vegan diet, this is not much of an issue.

So as long as they are consumed in moderation, such as one or twice a day, they are OK. Eating a sandwich with vegan chicken strips, or a vegan chicken salad is perfectly healthy for you. It is able to be included in a healthy balanced diet.

How To Get Protein Without Eating Meat or Animal Products ?

How To Get Protein Without Eating Meat or Animal Products?

What are some delicious vegan chicken recipes to try?

When it comes to vegan chick’n recipes, the ideas are endless. You can eat everything from a vegan chicken noodle soup, to a vegan shredded chicken sandwich. Here are some of my favorite recipes to share:

Crispy chick’n salad  

vegan “chick’n”  sandwiche 

Other chicken dishes :

Your Favorite Chicken Dishes Veganized


All of this and more are available to vegans, and they are not that hard to find. Most grocery stores have at least some form of vegan chicken-less chicken product. With most allowing you to just pop them in the microwave, you can have a delicious vegan chicken recipe on your plate in a matter of minutes.

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