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Is yeast Vegan? Can i eat yeast if i’m a Vegan?

Since we previously talked about chemical compounds found in bread, there is another significant aspect surrounding bread that has got vegans divided. The question lies on whether yeast it vegan. What does that mean? Well, let us break it down for you.

In order for bread to rise and be fluffy yeast is used as a way to trap air bubbles. However, there are other ways to make bread without using yeast. Some vegans argue that eating products where yeast was used during the cooking process are a mark of cruelty since yeast is also a living organism.

However, there is a stronger argument at play, and that is over yeast is indeed a living organism or not. The scientific definition for yeast defines it as a living organism that is found under the fungus category, an organism that has no central nervous system and no pain receptors.

Therefore, it is physically unable to feel pain. Implying that eating yeast is the same as eating a cow is ludicrous within the community, with many vegans calling those that refrain from eating yeast as “level 5 vegans”, meaning someone who takes their diet to the extreme.

Another argument that vegans against eating yeast like to impose is that drinking alcohol means consuming a beverage where millions of living yeast organisms have been used in order to accelerate the process of fermentation.

Not drinking a beverage that contains yeast means narrowing down your alcoholic beverage options a lot. There are few, if any, reputable vegan-friendly alcohol brands out there when it comes to alcohol since yeast is vegan-friendly.

The turmoil inside the community when it comes to the discussion on whether eating yeast is vegan or not can degenerate. While the picture of yeast is floating around inside your dough and eating sugar in your wine, turning it into alcohol due to the carbon dioxide excretions can be an entertaining task, there is nothing out there that can be further from the truth.

Yeast is not only found in bread and alcohol yeast is also found in other foods, on fruits and vegetables, and even in the air.

While excluding bread that contains gluten from your diet is certainly understandable since a large number of people do have Celiac disease, eating it on a daily basis if you do not have a gluten allergy will do your body more good than you know.

In reality, you cannot compare the unnecessary abuse that farm animals have to go through on a daily basis on meat production lines to the “abuse” that yeast feels when it is baked in bread or when it does its job in alcohol.

To conclude, eating yeast is vegan-friendly, and it is recommended that you do so since eliminating it from your diet would imply that are willingly fasting and abstaining from a lot of foods just out of a misguided principle.

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