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Is Vegemite Vegan?? – the Aussie Vegan Question

Is Vegemite Vegan?

Vegemite is a popular spread that has been around since 1923. The exact recipe is obviously a well-kept secret, but we do know that it contains little to no fat, has a lot of B vitamins, and it also is a good meal option for those that want to have a strict diet and are looking to either maintain their weight or lose some.

But how can a spread have vitamins? Well, plenty of products that you find in the market have some vitamins in them, it’s only natural since the body needs a daily vitamin intake in order to properly function. So, what vitamins are we talking about? Well, Vegemite comes packing thiamin B1, niacin B3, riboflavin B2, and folate. B1 is good for proper brain functioning, B3 help energy be release and riboflavin is good for the nervous system, keeping its functions in check. Last but not least, folate is meant to combat fatigue, something that many of us have experienced at one point or another in our lives since we live in a very stressful modern world, where there is not enough time in a day for all that you want to do.

Before we go on and answer the question on everyone’s minds, some of you may have been wondering if Vegemite is gluten-free. Well, some of its ingredients come from barley and yeast extracts which makes it not gluten-free. This is important to know since a large percentage of those that go vegan have Celiac disease, meaning that they are allergic to gluten.

This delicious spread is not made from any animal or animal-derived products, which means that it is indeed a vegan and vegetarian safe. Even more than that, the product is also kosher, something that is well defined by the company.

So far so good but since some people like to complain that the popular spread does taste salty, the question is whether or the product packs a salty punch. Yet again, we are pleasantly surprised to tell you that a five-gram serving has about as much salt as you can find in one to two slices of bread or even in a bowl of cereal.

If you are not from Australia and you want to enjoy this tasty spread on a piece of toast, you will have to look for companies that export it to your country. Vegemite has openly said that they have no rights over the price surcharges that may occur in the shipping and distribution process so. Honestly, it can be a game of chance at times.

Nevertheless, we are pleasantly surprised that you can add vegemite to your vegan products cupboard without thinking twice. The only downside is that it is not gluten-free, but in this case, the benefits outweigh the disadvantages of the product, making it tasty, vegan, kosher and even halal.

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