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Is Sriracha vegan? – Can you add this delicious spice to your vegan meals?

Is Sriracha vegan – Can you add this delicious spice to your vegan meals?

Are you a vegan and you love to add a little bit of spice to your meals? Are you a fan of Sriracha, but you are not certain whether or not it is vegan-approved? We are going to answer the question that’s on every spice-addicted vegan’s mind – Is Sriracha Vegan? Well, look no further for your answer, we would like to start our discussion by actively saying that yes, there are no animal or animal byproducts in this sauce, making it 100% vegan!

Even if you are not going to buy an original bottle of Sriracha sauce, even off-brand ones are probably still wholly vegan. The recipe behind this tasty sauce is a combination of vinegar, various spices, chili peppers and sugar.

In theory, Sriracha is wholly vegan, but there have been some extensive debates over how sugar can influence the 100% vegan approved tag. So, how does that happen? Well, the sugar that gets added during the creation process of the sauce is not processed correctly, meaning that it may have traces of animal byproducts.

Now, if you are picky about not having even the slightest hint of sugar in your sauce from a supply chain that could have traces of animal byproducts then opt for an organic Sriracha sauce option. Do keep in mind that the sugar processing journey and techniques are relatively complicated so in theory, an organic version of the sauce or the original version are not that far apart.

The history behind this successful sauce was that it first appeared in Thailand, getting itzs name from its popularity in a town named Si Racha. Ingredients wise, this sauce is pretty natural when compared to other ingredients that we see on popular products such as ranch or BBQ sauce.

On this list, we can see garlic, vinegar, chili, sugar, and salt, along with a couple of small preservatives meant to make his shelf life more significant. If you decide to opt for the organic version, you will see that the ingredient list is even cleaner, with no added preservatives. The only thing not natural on the ingredient list is xanthan gum.

Xanthan gum is a thickening agent that we see in almost every single sauce out there, with it appearing on other products’ ingredient lists. It is pretty harmless as an ingredient, common and approved by the FDA and other food agencies worldwide!

To wrap things up, Sriracha can easily find your way on your sauce shelf in the fridge along with other favorites that you may enjoy. Know that it is vegan, meaning that it is cruelty-free.

Not only that but it is also made primarily out of organic ingredients, with the organic version being preservatives free. Stock up on Sriracha along with either Vegemite or Marmite and create the perfect vegan corner in your kitchen!

The question has been answered – is Sriracha Vegan? It sure is! So grab a bottle and squirt it on every vegetable you can find and enjoy your meal that little bit more!

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