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Is Pasta Vegan Or Not?

Is pasta vegan ?

You might have heard scuffles online about whether pasta is vegan. I had a manager that I worked with once tell me that I could not eat pasta, because they were made with eggs. This confused me. So I checked the box, but it was definitely vegan, so where would she get this idea from?

Making pasta without eggs is something generally relegated to the common form of boxed pasta in the US. The hard pasta that you have to boil in water for 10 minutes and hopefully not over or undercook, just to drown it in pasta sauce. These pastas are meant to last a long time in a cabinet, and adding egg to them would most likely lower their shelf life dramatically.

However, this does not mean that all pasta is egg-free. Most boxed and dehydrated pasta is, but an exception would, of course, be egg noodles. These are made with eggs in order to give them a specific texture and taste. So avoid them at all costs.

Does All Pasta Have Eggs ?

Fresh pasta, usually that which you would find at an Italian restaurant, or a place that sells them fresh but packaged, contains eggs. Eggs are often used in fresh pasta to enrich the flavor, and to make the pasta easier to work with. Although as we all know, it’s not a requirement in order to make the noodles.

There are a ton of different types of pasta that you can consume nowadays. While believed to only be made with wheat flour, there is a wide variety of pastas made from everything. You can find pasta made from rice flour, to even beans and legumes. The pasta made from legumes are much higher in protein, and taste pretty good when made with sauces and toppings.

Another option for those who are worried about whether or not their pasta is vegan, is to make their own. There are many easy recipes which allow to you simply make your pasta using flour, water, and salt. Semolina flour is the best to use for this, as it makes the dough less doughy. However, once you get the hang of it, you can start making a ton of otherwise non-vegan items. You can make vegan ravioli, which I have never been able to find on any store shelves.

Imagine making a vegan lasagna, but instead of using those hard dry noodles, you made them from scratch. Not only would it instill you in a sense of pride, but will also taste better as you are in control of the freshness and texture.

So most pasta that you buy from the store will be vegan. But it is always best to check, as there are a lot of exceptions to this rule.

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