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Is Gatorade Vegan Friendly?

Is Gatorade vegan ? Let’s take a closer look.

Gatorade is a popular energy drink, possibly the most popular in the world. Many people consume it after a workout in order to regain their electrolytes. However, lots of vegans are curious to know if they can drink this sports dink. So can vegans drink Gatorade to rehydrate after a workout?

It does seem like their regular line of sports drinks are vegan. They do not contain any direct animal products, although they do contain additives. Their flavors include Fruit Punch, Lemon Lime, and Orange, they are made from these ingredients:

is Gatorade vegan

Most of their colors are derived by things such as coal tar, but at least it’s not animal derived. It does, however, contain one controversial ingredient: Sugar

Is sugar vegan?

When it comes to sugar, a few select vegans decide to go without. Why? Because refined sugar can be processed using bone char. Bone char is literally the charred bones of animals. These are used to filter impurities from sugar, making it more pure and white.

Whether or not one considers sugar vegan really depends on the vegan. Sugar is added to just about everything nowadays, so avoiding all added sugar may be too much to most people. This is because it also excludes pasta sauces, plant milks, and many otherwise vegan products.

Some Gatorade products contain Whey?

Although regular Gatorade products do not contain any animal products, they do have a protein powder. These powders and shakes contain Whey, or a milk protein. These are added to protein shakes in order to increase the protein content for a very small amount of money. Since whey is a byproduct of animal agriculture, it is often sold off for pennies.

What About Parent Companies?

One argument you may have heard of when it comes to vegan products, are parent companies. For instance, VO5 shampoo does not test on animals, but Unilever had other products that they do test on. Many vegans refuse to buy these products because they feel it is supporting the parent company.

This argument isn’t logical, as grocery stores that sell broccoli generally also sell beef. Companies that make almond milk may also be owned by the same company that makes cheese. Buying these vegan items increases demand for vegan products, thus more will be made.

Is Gatorade vegan? What does the company say?

According to a Reddit forum, the company responded to an email asking if their products were vegan:

      “We only use synthetic colorings, and don’t add any meat or dairy derivatives to any products (except Recover drinks and shakes, which have protein from milk); however, we don’t have the type of sugar filtration information available to share. …However, if it might be helpful to know, all Gatorade and G2 Thirst Quenchers are Kosher-certified because none of the potential filtration processes would transfer any remnants or flavors onto the sugar. “

So is Gatorade vegan? Yes, the liquid Gatorade drinks are in fact, vegan drinks. However, it really depends on whether or not you believe refined sugar is vegan.

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  1. Whether one considers sugar vegan doesn’t depend on the vegan, it depends on the sugar. If it’s processed with animal products it’s not vegan. Period. Same with beer and wine being processed with animal products. And regarding Red 40 (in the Gatorade and many other products), it’s a substance tested on animals so like with other products tested on animals….not cruelty-free. Not vegan.


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