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Are Udon Noodles Vegan

Are Udon Noodles Vegan?

A staple in some of Japan’s most popular dishes, The popular Udon noodle is a delicious meal in every way but are Udon Noodles vegan?

To answer this question we will take a look at exactly what’s inside the noodles itself.

Udon is a type of wheat noodle that has become a staple in Japanese cuisine. It has a very thick consistency, and it is made out of wheat flour and water.

Usually, Udon is served hot in a simple broth, although it is not uncommon to see it being served in spicy broth or topped with various toppings, more often than not scallions.

Noodles and pasta are fan favourites regardless of the diet that one is on.

When it comes down to is, traditional pasta is more often than not vegan approved since it does contain eggs. However, Udon noodles are an entirely different thing and a meal option that vegans will fall in love with.

Yes, Udon noodles are vegan but let us get into just why they are vegan.

Udon is not the same all over Japan. There are various broths added to the noodles depending on the area; things can be added to the soup, it is all an excellent mix of flavours that everyone can enjoy.

The history behind Udon is somewhat hard to explain, with many versions that attest to the existence of the noodles being spread around. They are all part of Japanese culture, and each is a beautiful retelling of a story behind a dish that has now become a staple.

udon noodles - are they vegan?
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It is so ingrained in Japanese culture that anime fans have undoubtedly seen Udon dishes in various Animes. The Kagawa prefecture has become famous all over Japan for their fantastic Sanuki Udon noodles, not only attesting to the touristic value of marketing such a meal but also to the fact that food can have such a significant impact on people and culture as a whole.

Going back to just what makes it vegan. There is not much to say. Udon is made from wheat flour, rolled out and then made into noodles that are then preserved and put to boil once the dish is ready to be made.

There is one thing to note and that, even in its purest form, due to the wheat flour that is used, Udon noodles are not gluten-free. So, if you are a vegan that is also strict on not eating gluten or having gluten-rich meals in their diet, feel free to cross this dish out.

Despite that, at its core, these noodles are perfect for vegans. No added eggs into the batter, no milk and no other animal products to find anywhere in the dish. Of course, if you want to recreate an Udon noodle bowl entirely you will see that most traditional Udon bowls contain either fish cakes or some other meat products in them, things that you can replace with vegan alternatives if you want to enjoy a taste of the past.

Traditionally, Udon noodles are served hot, but there are also cold Udon recipes if you are looking for a refreshing summer dish to sate your cravings and fill your stomach.

To give you a headstart on your new Udon Vegan adventure, here is a quick 5 minute recipe for you to try! Good Luck!

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